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What are we?

www.medlaw.eu was formed for patients in 2006 by people who had suffered and gone through the problems you may be facing now. It is run in the hope that our experience can provide you with guidance in making the right choices.

www.medlaw.eu is a non commercial website. It is linked to a number of major charities and patient support groups.

www.medlaw.eu carries no advertising, has no promotional material to obtain any particular drug or treatment and has no Pharmaceutical funding. It is independent of government or NHS or business.

It is purely for you.
www.medlaw.eu was formed?

In 2006 Peter’s sister Elaine was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer. Elaine was refused funding by her then PCT (PCTs are from April 2013 renamed CCG) for the treatment recommended by her Consultant at the Christie Hospital, Manchester. The reason given by her then PCT (now a CCG) for refusal was due to the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (“NICE”) not recommending a particular drug due to lack of evidence of cost effectiveness. Elaine was the first to successfully challenge on exceptional grounds the refusal of funding. Peter then assisted her Consultant in the cases of other cancer sufferers across the UK. This grew to be a full time operation.

With the help and advice of patients and medical practitioners, Peter Telford, Barrister, Immigration Judge and UK Board Member of the international Kidney Cancer Association (“KCA”) created this website to help patients to help themselves.
Who are we?

Patients, lawyers, medical experts, all of whom are volunteers. No payments are asked. No expenses are paid. We are not a charity.

What do we do?
Provide guidance in the website to patients. Provide help to patients and consultants in application processes. Provide booklets which you can use. Lobby MPs, Parliament and NHS bodies. Provide evidence to Parliament and to NHS in regard to changes they can make to improve the patient experience. Work with other patient groups to coordinate activity.

Peter has produced two booklets.
“Your Patient’s Right to Treatment” (2007) was produced in conjunction with the Rarer Cancer Forum to guide consultants.

“Treatment We Need” (2008) was produced independently to help patients understand the processes involved not just in cancer but in refusal of funding for many other conditions. Further involvement in access to treatment can be viewed by clicking HERE
*** Warning – website
 does not provide direct legal or medical advice ***
This is because we do not know all your particular facts or circumstances. We can provide general guidance only in this website. The information provided by
www.medlaw.eu is up to date only at the time of publication and yet procedures and the law is subject to constant change. In particular, the IFR processes may alter. You have the responsibility of checking with your CCG as to their up to date information and processes and the law. We strongly recommend you contact an experienced lawyer to provide proper and full legal advice.
"© Copyright of all content of website resides with Peter Telford. Publication or reprinting for commercial use is not allowed without permission. Personal use only is permitted."

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